Woodland Necklace

Woodland Necklace

from 299.00

Necklace length 33 inch

Fitted with our signature clasps.

Full UK hallmarks & REW marks

Handmade in the REW studio

Precious Metal Option:
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The oak leaf clusters are made from tiny little oak leaves which incorporate little birds perched on two of the clusters. Hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver. The necklace has a stunning overall look and hangs delicately around the neck.

A stunning piece of design that oozes quality.
Rachel makes to order in Gold & Platinum, please get in touch for a quote.

Vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY) is a special type of premium gold finish. Simply put, it is a combination of a very thick layer of gold overlaid on high-quality sterling silver. All REW Vermeil jewellery is overlaid with 22ct gold.